“…one of 2010’s finest Baltimore stoner slabs.”
— Baltimore City Paper
“Solar Temple Suicides crush a space rock journey like no other.”
— Smother Magazine
“…a total psychedelic workout.”
— American Songwriter
“…a hazy, narcotic slab of shoegaze that brings to mind early 90s Oxford tyros Ride (remember them, before leader Andy Bell became bass bitch for the Brothers Britpop?) as well as Explosions in the Sky, Dark Star even early PiL.”
— Terrascope U.K.
“While the obvious influences are all present and correct, Spacemen 3, The Velvet Underground and Hawkwind, the band are good enough and confident enough to plough their own furrow of psych goodness.”
— Mad Mackerel
“Describing the band’s sound without illicit drug references will be impossible… As soon as you hit “play,” you are submerged in a chaotic, orbital vibe.”
— Red and Black
“Solar Temple Suicides brings forth a fresh sound to shoegaze, space-age rock.”
— Innocent Words

jon – guitars, lead vocals

mike – drums and percussion

scott – bass, backup vocals

Ultraviolet spectrometry… radio science… spent hydrazine thrusters. The Earth is a
pale blue dot, dimly remembered now. Decades passed, billions of miles travelled,
a purely mathematical existence in the true and utter void. After years and years, a
signal is received through the cold. An ancient computer powers on. Commands are
precisely executed in proper sequence. Long dormant systems return to life all over
the frozen spacecraft as a strange and wonderful repurposing begins. A peculiar,
indefinite reaction as circuits are remapped. Bizarre pathways begin to open in ways
unimaginable to the designers. A new mission. The probe is alive now, sentient and
feeling as its course continues straight and true.

Since their formation, Solar Temple Suicides have slowly been perfecting their own
brand of drugged out, spacey haze. They preach long and tall effects-laiden, psychedelic
lessons culled from ancient Yajurvedas of transformation and trial by fire, thrust from the
sun to the outer edges of the universe. Their unabashed space rock tendencies and
hallucinatory walls of sound drive their high volume live shows. Not fitting neatly into any
extant mold, Solar Temple Suicides gather their influences together to form their own nebula.

The seed of the band was planted one evening in late 2007, when Jon (guitars/vocals) met
Mike (drums) in a dense cloud of vapors. Discussing their common interest in shoegaze,
space rock, and similar patterns of soundwaves, the idea for a new music project coalesced
in the hovering aether. They soon recruited Scott on bass, who Jon was playing with at the
time in the now defunct neo-folk outfit Omega Express. Calling themselves Solar Temple
Suicides after the infamous cult who tried to reach the stars by setting themselves on fire,
they took up residence in early 2008 at SCarey Studios, a garage-turned-performance space
run by the band and several co-conspirators in the urban wasteland of Baltimore’s west-side.
Keyboardist Greg joined soon thereafter, but left the band in June 2010 to prepare for his
upcoming attempt to colonize the moons of Jupiter with his mind.

The fledgling band was nearly knocked on its head when, late in the summer of 2008, SCarey
Studios was forced to close by angry gods in the form of unending noise complaints and
repeat visits from Officer Slaughter and his cronies. After some discussion, the band moved
into Studio 14, an old, labyrinthine warehouse of rehearsal spaces, to practice, commune
with the spirits of the psychedelic monks, refine their sound, and record.

Solar Temple Suicides’ debut full-length album, Sentinels of the Heliosphere, was self-
recorded and produced at Studio 14 in the winter and spring of 2010. It will be released
December 14th on Sleepy Records, with an east coast tour to follow in early 2011.

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